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I apologize for the absence,but…

I’ve been in Morocco. Running an inn, where people come on vacation, can make one long for a vacation of their own. And so, Morocco came to be. It’s an amazing country! In Marrakech, we walked the streets, fragrant with … Continue reading

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The duckling that shouldn’t have been.

Today I was in the local feed store buying some hay – a tad scandalous in itself as they have a new hay vendor and are charging .75 cents more a bale! As I was waiting to pay, I noticed … Continue reading

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Escaping modernity.

Yet another Saturday night, and here I am, flipping between a “flashback” episode of The Waltons and a 20/20 special about children with OCD. I love compilation TV episodes, where they look back on the highlights of a season, few … Continue reading

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