Raising Babies.

We’re coming to the close of “baby” season on the farm. The lambs are growing up, the chicks are slowly adding the “en” to their name and seedling have started growing adult leaves on their epicotyl. It’s a reminder that while times are continually changing, much remains the same. Every spring we have lambs, raise chicks and plant seeds. But each year is different, adding new animals with their own personalities and experimenting with different plants (many of which succumb to my inability to grow seeds properly).


And so we’re standing at the starting line of summer. Our babies will be grown. Some will remain on the farm and some will move on to greener pastures. Priorities will change. No longer will we be worried about feedings and growth, but on maintenance. And there will be unbearable heat to deal with. Llamas will be sprayed down with the hose, and the peacocks will continue to be weary of the sprinkler invading their space. And the lambs will have horns. The chickens might start laying. But we’re used to it as we’ve played out these seasons for years now. And while each one holds onto its own character, the plot remains the same.





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  1. Diana Jones says:

    Life is sweet, and sour at times. The cycle continues, the same and different.

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