And so the Hot Toddy’s begin…

With the weather now decidedly re-living it’s twenties, that wondrous time of year is once again upon us.  The time for the Hot Toddy.  Sure, Egg Nog is the star of the season, the perennial Bieber, but, girl, I don’t need those calories!  A Hot Toddy – coming I believe for our dignified relatives in Ireland (at least that’s the one place I could order it at the bar), – this drink contains the right balance of alcohol, sweetness, deliciousness, and healthiness.

This is my recipe – the one I’m sipping right now –

1) One tea bag.  Not the ignorant “political” “”activist,”” but a favorite flavor of your choosing.  I find black to be the best.  I’m in my Constant Comment with Green Tea phase.  The best of both worlds!

2) A healthy teaspoon of honey. Any flavor will do.

3) A healthy squirt of lemon juice – fresh or from the little plastic lemon.

4) A light grating of fresh nutmeg.  It is the holiday season after all!

5)  The whiskey.   I only use J&B Scotch Whiskey.  Sure their website says it’s the “world’s party whiskey,” but I drink it because it was the flavor of choice for Truman Capote.  And that’s just sexy!  (Mind you, when I want a real scotch whiskey, I’m all over a single-malt highland!)

6) And finally, some hot water.

With these ingredients combined, you have the Hot Toddy.  Variation, of course, does exist.  And do what you will to ensure this concoction is your holiday favorite.  I’ve been thinking about adding some bitters recently…aren’t I naughty!

Try something, and let me know how it turns out!  And if you’re ever in the neighborhood of Orchard House, stop on by.  We’ll sit around the fire, sipping our Toddy’s and discussing the time we both looked into the heart of an artichoke.

Alas, my Tod is getting cold and I mustn’t neglect him any more!

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