Bought some ducks today…

I bought some ducks today.  They’re Indian Runners – and will be fawn and white.  They come in numerous colors, including black, chocolate, and blue (more gray-black), but the fawn and white helps show them off as best as possible.  I think they’re pretty sexy because they look like running bowling pins.  They originally come from Indonesia and lay up to 200 eggs a year.  Hello!  As states, they like swimming, “but they are likely to be preoccupied in running around grassy meadows looking for worms, slugs, even catching flies.”  Gorgeous!

They are coming in March.  I was told to buy your fancy, heritage poultry early as they are often sold out early from breeders.  I may have a poultry fetish.  I may need some help.  I want to see Black Swan, I just bought some baby ducks (yet to be here at Orchard House), and I want turkeys.  And quail.  And a peacock – because their feather uses are infinite!  I tried to order some turkeys today as well.  I could only order 15 or more.  That’s a lot of turkeys.  And they’re messy.  They’re dirty, dirty birds!

Today at Orchard House, we moved from rain to snow.  I was actually outside during this transition.  We are on an intensive outside schedule to get Bob Evans once and for all potty trained.  We have about 1 1/2+ inches and more is expected tonight.  Because it was snowing and picturesque, I had to leave the house, and brave the elements, to get my hot toddy making from the local store.  It was slippery.  It was treacherous.  But I have the scotch.  I can’t wait until I can send my ducks to get my scotch.  They are my minions.  I think that’s legal in Ohio.

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