Zoning. Approved.

We had our official zoning hearing tonight.  It was in a cemetery.  That was interesting.  Not actually out among the graves mind you, but in the office.  Weird that a cemetery office doubles as the meeting headquarters for a township zoning board.  In the end, however, to be tacky, we weren’t buried alive.

We have been approved to continue with the bed and breakfast.  Yes, I get it, we should have done this before we started all the renovations and forming the LLC, but what’s done is done.  And we shall continue, heads held high.

And what made it even better, some neighbors showed up to give us their support.  They sat through a zoning board hearing to offer words of support for us!  That is nice.  Super nice.  And I shall repay them with the gift of viewing llamas and looking at funny ducks walking around.  Yes, I am very much like Mother Theresa.

In other news, the Amish have finally arrived and started building the barn.  More on that to follow…

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