City Mouse, Country Mouse, and every Suburban Rodent in between.

I apologize for my lack of blogging over the weekend.  We were in the city.  Washington, D.C. to be exact.  For a wedding.  And then we visited my parents.  After 31 years of marriage, they finally bought a pool table.  With mini-cues so they don’t put any holes in the wall.  Mini-cues.  Yes, the kind Little People, Big World would use.  But my parents are regular size.

The city was fun.  You can walk almost anywhere!  Can you believe it!  Want ice cream, take a walk.  Need gin?  It’s around the block!  It’s amazing.  This is instant gratification at it’s best.  Commercialization and consumerist Nation all in one.  Albeit a luxury not available to most, in the country, you can pick various things and make things by yourself, without the help of Pinkberry or Georgetown Cupcake.  Here, ice cream is far away. (Not really, I gots me some Whit’s about 5 minutes away and it’s delicious!)  Gin is miles away.  (Again, I exaggerate, about 5 minutes away.)  But it’s more fun to try and make your own.  There’s something about feeling the need to make your own in the country.  I’ve even ordered my own quinine to make tonic water.  I’m the 2011 equivalent of Karen Blixen.

Why is there this need to make your own in the country?  Having lived in a city, many cities in fact, I guess when you have everything available and, probably have a busy job, you just don’t have the time.  There is always the new hotspot with this crazy drink, or that fabulous drag queen.  In the “country” (and I don’t really think I live in the country), it’s a hassle to get to those new hotspots.  Better to stay at home and create.  With a slower pace comes the opportunity to bake and cook and distill.

I have a sewing machine.  It’s still in the box.  I have a yogurt maker.  I’ve made yogurt.  I have llamas.  I do not milk them.  I am getting sheep.  I will not milk them.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  Trade-offs.  The time is coming when I will have to build a turkey house.  A home for turkeys.  That will mean that I can also build an insulation-free home with a ramp for myself one day, should the need arise.

Wondering about Orchard House these days?  We’ll be moved into the carriage house this week!  Amahzing!  I have actually moved my clothes in the bedroom.  There are some lonely Bergdorf scarves waiting for daddy to come home.  Once this move has begun, Orchard House will take it’s true shape.  And I believe it will be the shape of Balmachie Black Bear H050, one hell of an angus bull!  And crazy expensive as well – $75,000gns (about $100,000 today).  We are country after all, and our expenses are determined in farm animals.  And with a boy and a girl, we can make our own.

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