Tractor…and other things.

That’s a picture of me on a tractor.  On my tractor to be more precise.  A Massey-Ferguson made in England, 1965.  Vintage tractors are sexy!  Chic! Amazing!  This picture was taken yesterday.  Today I tried to start it and something was wrong.  There was a weird noise…a not-so-right noise.  I popped the “hood” and a small toad leapt out.  I don’t think he was the problem, but still, an unexpected inhabitant.  And so, my very chic, sexy, and amazing tractor is sitting in the middle of a field while I contemplate next steps.  I don’t know how to fix tractors.  It won’t start.

I also had a run-in with my flag pole today.  I finally decided to replace the old, tattered American flag with a new, freshly sewn American flag.  The rope holding the flag was molded to the pole – so I grabbed some scissor and snipped.  30 minutes later, Don fixed the flag pole.  Lesson of the day – never snip the rope holding the flag unless you’ve thought though the process.  Mayhem and foolishness may ensue.

This week in Orchard House: 1) a new water purification system…good-bye sulfur, hello hydrogen peroxide and reverse osmosis, 2) DirectTV finally comes!!!!!!!!!!!, 3) the formal dining room WILL be painted, and 4) Oprah starts her 25th and final season…even in the county, we can all still appreciate a little Oprah!

A special thanks to Mr. Randolph Briley and Ms. Kimberly Lyons for being our first visitors and for taking the above picture.  I would never have known what to do with a clutch without you!  And we can’t wait for a visit from Ms. or Mr. Buck Wilde.

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