The grass is always greener…

…at Orchard House. Today, after gray skies and a tremendous thunderstorm, suddenly, we have green grass. I’ve noticed green shoots appearing with more regularity for about a week. But after today’s storm, with the sun shining, a green blanket embraced Orchard House. We are a lean, green, bed and breakfasting machine!

It’s odd how nature can just hit you. ┬áLiterally, green appeared from virtually no where. Amahzing! And the animals are loving it. Whether you’re a llama looking for some fresh shoots, or a crazy Bob Evans seeking exposed roots to chew and rip from the ground, this is your moment. Earlier today, Bob found two newly planted large blueberry bushes and ripped them from the ground, decimating them in the process. $30 for 15 minutes of heaven. Many have payed more for less.

As an aside, no turkeys this year. The hatchery we ordered from has some problems and couldn’t get them to us until June. Daddy can’t wait that long. We may be able to snag something from, but we shall see. With everyone here already, and the impending births, we may be at our (or my) comfort level for the moment. After all, I’ve never birthed a llama…have you?

But we are green. Algae is good for you. Kale is the new spinach. Limes are delicious with gin. Green is the new black. Baby llamas and lambs will be welcomed into the fresh re-birth of spring, shoots linking arms to form a cashmere blanket of love. Ok, that’s cheesy, but drop a baby llama from 3 feet, and have him injury-free, that’s love from Mother Nature. Like a catcher’s mitt. But with worms. And a barking Bob Evans in the background.

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