And so it begins…

We have started planting at Orchard House.  Nothing big yet, but getting the grounds ready for some delicious harvests next year.  In the picture you can see a deep bed I’ve been working on.  Without a gym membership, it seemed a good idea to dig it by hand. After completing what you see, I’ve ordered the tiller to complete the rest.  I’ll get my exercise some other way!

In case you’re interested in what’s been planted, so far we have….

Eversweet Strawberries, Bluecrop Blueberries, Niagara Grapes, Indian Summer Raspberries, and four new trees in the orchard – a Kieffer Pear, a Belle of Georgia Semi-dwarf Peach, a J.H. Hale Semi-dwarf Peach, and a Burbank Semi-dwarf Plum.

I’m sure we’ll be adding more trees as some of the current ones look slightly under-the-weather, but we’re good for now.  More strawberries will be added as the deep bed expands over the next few weeks.  We also have 8 raspberry bushes coming in the mail.  I don’t know what I always order plants from the mail – they always die on me.  But I’ll give it another go…

My final thought of the night…buy hoses.  I forgot one last time I was at the store and for two days have been hauling water in a bucket and watering can to all the new plants.  Wait a second!  There is my new exercise regiment! Who needs the satisfaction of a personally dug deep bed anyway?  Well, actually, maybe I do.  Ugh, back to digging!

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