Attention, attention…is this thing on?

I’d like to make you all aware of something. Something major. Something BIG. Something as deadly as the violent torpedo of truth.

Our Spring Open House is this Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m. Come one, come all! We’ve even hired a bartender…so there is a treat for everyone! You can see the rooms, spy on all the things you love to spy on at people’s houses, and meet baby Waterloo.

I’m baking. I’m cooking. We have a great florist doing crazy arrangements. I’m cleaning. That’s special. The house will be at its prime. Oye, I have some more pictures to hang and some wallpaper to fix. Wait, is the open house this Saturday?! Ught oh, I need some minions. Some help to make the house a dream, and the dream a reality.

But dreams do really come true. Just ask me. I have llamas, a baby lamb, some very messy ducks, and a gorgeous bed and breakfast. Oh, and I’ll have a fabulous open house. Delicious foods, great drinks, wonderful friends – both old and new, and share six hard, long months of work with the local community. And we’re excited to have you come! And that, my friends, is the honest truth.

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