If you have llamas, why not get camels?

I was pondering this very question just last night. If you have llamas (and alpaca), why not get camels. They’re all camelids. They have the same feet. And each species sure can spit! I guess it’s like, if you have a hamster, why not get a guinea pig? Or a rabbit? Granted, these animals are much smaller and easier to manage, but can you ride a rabbit? Or a llama? It would be difficult. Camels are made for riding. Why else would they have that nifty slot in-between their humps that perfectly fit human bodies?

I’ll admit these questions arose, initially, at The Wilds – where I saw these camels. And the wound was again re-opened last night as I watched a documentary about camel breeders in Mongolia. The movie focused around a gorgeous white baby camel that was born, and then rejected by his mother. Those Mongolians did some crazy things to get that baby his milk. Catching a camel and then tying it’s back legs together seems risky to me. But not to the herders – they’re crazy! Every person interested in caring for camels should take a week intensive course from them. Oh, that’s genius. I’m going to start those tours! Maybe the extra money will help bring DVR to the yurts.

The weirdest part of the whole movie? (And I say “weirdest” as my Western mind just doesn’t get it!) They reconciled the baby and his mother with a man playing a violin. And no Stratovarius here – a delicious 2-stringed Mongolian affair. And the mother accepted the baby – as the music resounded throughout the Central Asian plateau! It was weird. But, on the upside, now I know how to reunite a camelid and her rejected baby! Although that would be a pricey round-trip ticket. I have no clue how it worked. But it did. And it was amazing.

Strengthened by the fact that a 5-foot tall Mongolian man can capture a camel roaming freely, put a halter on it, and then tie it’s back legs together, I am prepared for my own, personal, camel adventure. How hard can it be? I’m ready for the challenge. And I bet Donnie would be thrilled! He could ride them throughout the countryside.


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