Lamb down!

Last night, the lamb ram was injured in an attack. A vicious stabbing. After a quick search, the perp was apprehended while eating cracked corn. His name, Bacon. He’ll get off easy this time, it being his first offense and all. But Waterloo – he has a two-inch gash under his right eye. It was a bloody scene!

Now he gets shots of Penicillin G. I’m completely unsure of what the “G” stands for, but he gets one shot a day for the next three days. We’re supposed to bandage the wound, but their ain’t no bandage that will stretch around his eyes and under his mouth and around his horns. So instead, he now has a blinder that he wears. And it’s very fetching!

Waterloo likes to ram things, hence his species and sex. (And perhaps the reason for his slashing.) His actions have become quite dangerous. So now he wears a blinder. But he can eat and see from the sides. That means there’s no head of steam to be had and my knees remain in location. It’s also doubling as a bandage at the moment.

And while his face may have been puffy this morning, his spirits remain high. A new lesson has been learned. Pigs, truly are, pigs. And they’ll cut you if you try to take their food.

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