A building becomes a barn.

Any building can house animals. Heck, I have 3 dogs and 3 cats inside my house. One is trying to get into the litter box right now – and it isn’t one of the cats. Although this is unsavory behavior, this isn’t a barn. There’s an Yves Saint Laurent T-shirt in the bedroom and enough Apple products to stock our own bootleg store in China. This does not a barn make!

First, you need farm equipment. A tractor or the like. Maybe a thrasher. Or a combine. What those do, I don’t know, but they sound very farm like. Second, it needs to be surrounded by pasture. You can’t have a barn without an outside area for animals to roam and suntan. And finally, you need animals. Luckily, I have no farm equipment in my house, or it’d definitely qualify.

So the new building is officially a barn! 1) There is a tractor inside, 2) there are 2 pastures attached to it, and 3) there are 9 llama and 5 sheep that call it home. Slap it on the be-hind and call it a barn! While we’re waiting for a few things, like door locks and assorted cupola, it is 90% complete. It’s even got stalls inside. Tomorrow morning, the chickens will be relocating to the big barn. It’ll be good for them to get away from the ducks.

And while this new barn has been great news for almost everyone, Bacon remains sad. The alpaca are in the big pasture for the day, and he has been left alone. But fear not Bacon, a companion pig may be in your future. He’s just so sensitive! And Ms. Peacock, your husband is on the way. The only question is whether he’ll be white, blue, or purple. I love every color under the rainbow! Do you have an opinion?

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2 Responses to A building becomes a barn.

  1. Diana Jones says:

    Let’s see, Mr.Purple, Mr. Blue or Mr. White? I vote for Mr. Blue. The new barn is fantastic.


  2. Diana Jones says:

    Let’s see, Mr. Purple, Mr. Blue or Mr. White? I vote Mr. Blue. The new barn looks fantastic!


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