Brilliant Asylum.

Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in an asylum, albeit a brilliant one. Dogs are always barking, jumping, and looking for some form of cashmere to chew up and spit out like an Old Navy t-shirt. Sheep are BAHing constantly, in the hopes of getting more grain. Goats moan. Our newest goat, Maryellen, is used to riding in the front seat of a pick-up truck and eating french fries. For her, Orchard House is a new reality. And, like Edmond Dantes, she is none-too-happy with her current situation.

Cats are constantly walking on keyboards,sleeping on treasured pieces of clothing, and meowing at 4 a.m. in what can only be a daily audition for Stanley Kowalski. Ain’t no one getting the part, so can’t they just be quite?

Mud continues to grow deeper and deeper. If I didn’t know the amount of manure mixed in it, I would think of opening a spa! Although, perhaps an “Alpaca Droppings Wrap” could be the next craze! Get me one of those Kardashains on the phone – they’d be just dumb enough to buy it! With the weather freezing and then warming, and then freezing and then warming, fresh water can be difficult to maintain.

But when you have a little llama eating grain from your hand, or a baby goat, that’s 8 inches tall, jumping on your knee, life can be great – nay, brilliant! Our three dogs are like 4-year-old triplets, that don’t ever seem they’ll grow up. While crazy, it’s never boring. And the exercise! I’m continually reminded that while like can be intense, and trying at times, it continues to be a wonderful life! And I didn’t even have to jump into a river to figure this out!

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One Response to Brilliant Asylum.

  1. Kim says:

    It’s just the perfect amount of crazy to keep you on your toes!

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