I’ve been feeling an odd feeling lately. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think it’s the umami of human emotion. Neither am I manic or depressive. I’m for sure not Bi (or polar). I’m in a good space, with a hint of savoriness.

This year holds a lot of promise. The jam is gonna be major! I’m about to become a Master Gardner (or at least being classes to become such). Spring is a short few months away – maybe we’ll have some baby lambs and alpaca (i.e. cria) join the family. I’m thrilled to be contributing some pieces to FOLK Magazine. Oh, and Donnie is making beer.

Is umami the feeling of hope? The Sí, se puede of human emotion? Who knows what 2012 may hold…but all signs are pointing to an eventful year!

What’s your year looking like? Anything exciting going on?

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  1. Ann says:

    Andrew, I’m so enjoying your blog! And “the umami of human emotion” is a brilliant way of describing that feeling. I know the very one.

    It’s good to see how beautiful the snow was at the Orchard House. Gwyn & I passed by many vehicles that had succumbed to its slipperiness on our way to Chicago, but we got through unscathed. My eastward return was sudden, I needed to get back to MD too quickly to stop in Granville for the night again. But I will be back for sure before very long, and with other traveling companions since my goal is to have all the people I love in one place. Sigh. A worthy goal, if impossible.

    Umami indeed. Circumspect. Mindful. Savoring life’s riches, whatever their flavors. Finding this emotion becomes necessary… but also far easier… with age. :^)

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