A sneak peek.

I’m nice.  Very nice.  And to show my sweetness, I’m giving you a little preview of the Orchard House interior.  Our motto is “Farm Style/Modern Comfort.” What does it all mean?  A good question.  It means farm simplicity. Beautiful natural colors, gorgeous woods, and furniture that’s been handed down from generation to generation.  The picture above is what the dining room fireplace looked like when we bought the house.  Charming I guess.  The wallpaper is kind of fun and freaky, but it just didn’t work with the theme.  So it had to go…and in the process, I discovered 5 other pattterns of wallpaper, peeled away like the layers of a croissant.

And here is a picture of the new dining room fireplace. Some new paint, a cedar shelf mantel, and a color pallet designed by my good friend Martha Stewart.  We’re pulling it all together slowly but surely.  And learning things along the way.  For instance, I’ve never made a shelf mantel and installed one before.  Although, I’m not sure if I really learned anything as I just guessed along the way.  (Or better said, I used my builder intuition.)

We do have a new painting to place over the mantel, but you’re going to have to visit to see it – or at least wait for the brochure.  I said I’m nice, but I’m not that nice.

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