A few thoughts on the day.

Thoughts or observations.

  • Why do millions of people re-pin or “like” your posts on Pintrest.com but don’t follow you? It makes no sense.
  • Why do we keep dogs in our house when their greatest contributions to the home are muddy paw-prints and hair that is, it seems, continuously shedding?
  • As we welcome spring, why do we every year look forward to planting a garden, that by mid-July, we’ll be cursing like crazy?
  • Small goats can squeeze through holes in fences. And so can ducks.
  • Before today, I’d seen black rot but had no clue what it was. Today, I know. The apple trees are doomed.
  • Llamas like hay, but love grain with all their heart.
  • Ice cream is easy to make.

And finally, for the night,

  • Apparently there is a controversy concerning the relationship, and meaning, of retro vs. vintage. Isn’t a mini-skirt retro while an old Singer sewing machine is vintage? Can you have retro-vintage? Lord, it is confusing!
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  1. Amanda says:

    I believe “Retro” is something made in the style of a certain time; while vintage is something that was actually made during that time.

    ie a newer car made to look like the 60’s style cars would be retro, but a car actually made in the 60’s would be vintage. (I could be wrong.. jut how I see it)

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