It’s seed planting time!

I’ve planted some lettuce seeds today – with 6 to 8 weeks of indoor living, they’ll be ready for the quasi-cold, quasi-warm outside world of April. If you’re unsure of the seed starting process, follow the few simple steps below! Don’t be afraid to grow a plant from a seed. It’s not hard. Really! It just takes a little sun, some water, and about one minute of your time each day. You can do it. I believe in you.

First, you need to find something to put the seeds (and dirt) in. I’m using egg cartons. You can also use terra cotta pots, milk jugs, peat pots, or those plastic containers you can get at Walmart. Really, anything is possible as long as it has some depth and a hole for water to drain forth.

Second, fill it with dirt. Go to any store, from Target to Tractor Supply to Kroger, and buy some seed starter. Interesting fact, this “starter” actually contains no soil. It’s better for the seeds; which is weird because don’t most seeds start in soil? (P.S. you can see I’ve punched a hole into the bottom of each egg cup.)

Next, add some seeds. Be sure to read the planting depth on the seed packet. Generally, larger seeds are planted deeper, so you wouldn’t want to plant a lettuce seed an inch into the soil. Once they’re covered with a carpet of soil, water them. I prefer using a spray bottle. It gets the “soaking” you need, without the insane water run-off. After all this, you’re almost there. Be sure to label your seeds! Growing a few different varieties at once, if they’re all some form of lettuce, can get confusing.


After seeding, after watering, after labeling, be sure to cover your containers with some clear plastic. We need to create a greenhouse effect here. Once the sprouts emerge, the plastic can be removed. Done and done. Go forth and plant. If the seeds don’t grow, you can always buy a few greenhouse plants in a few months!


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