Escaping modernity.

Yet another Saturday night, and here I am, flipping between a “flashback” episode of The Waltons and a 20/20 special about children with OCD. I love compilation TV episodes, where they look back on the highlights of a season, few years, or entire series. Tonight, it’s the entire series. A few minutes ago, I saw a clip from The Waltons where Johnboy tells his parents that it’s time he moves to New York City, to become the writer he, and really, already was.

Johnboy was talking about how he needed to go to New York, but how he would always miss his home – the whippoorwills, the slow sound of a frog beaconing to a mate, the resting breathe of a cow, or the every-night ritual of saying goodnight to his family. This got me to thinking, as modernity continues to push us forward, growing up in the country is become a luxury. How many kids run around with sheep? Aren’t scared of a worm? Know what to do it a goat escapes from the pasture?

It’s a heritage that is quickly disappearing! And those kids that know what to do? We label as “country” or “red-neck” – unfairly I might say. For a nation founded on agriculture and rural living, too many of us have forgotten this heritage. Children, should they ever live in our house, would get to chase sheep, run with dogs, and search for eggs in the coop. And they’ll be able to go museums, visit historic forts, and ride in a taxi cab. The best of both worlds? Indeed.

That is all. My thoughts for the night. It’s been a long day…and still continues. And a dog keeps jumping up, trying to sit in my lap. It’s time I indulge him.

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