I’m having troubles…

Yeah, sure, I think I may have ruptured my hernia (or however you speak of such an injury) lifting some heavy pieces of sod the other day. But that’s not the real pain in my side. My greater issue is that I have writer’s block. Something beer usually helps me with, but today my friends, the malt and hops have let me down. I’m lost. Even Pikachu Cat can’t help me. Surely, it’s a sad day when even Pikachu Cat’s powers fall weak.

I trimmed my goats hooves to clear my mind. Or trimmed as many as Don would hold. He gave up after four…poor Marvin will have to be trimmed another day. Bacon and Ms. Piggy were very interested in all the action. Two of the lambs even crawled under the fence to see what all the commotion was. They’re traveling as pack now, those lambs, like an gang of teenagers looking for trouble. Apparently, the small barn has become their local 7-11. My mind is still muddy.

I’m currently watching The Golden Child. Early Eddie Murphy can’t be beat! I’ve also eaten some corned beef. Ught-oh, I feel the juices flowing…Pikachu Cat, you are magical after all! Praise be Japanese anime!



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  1. Alice says:

    PIkachu! 😉

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