I’m sleepy.

Whoa, it’s been a busy week! Don’s been gone all week for work. I’ve been helping with FOLK Magazine and the FOLKbarn at the Springfield Antique Extravaganza. We also had guests galore, and there are, of course, the animals. Those pesky things need to eat; twice a day! The dogs have had their fair share of time spent in cages this week. But they’ve also gotten more than their fair share of dog biscuits and sweet kisses at night.

Driving to and from Springfield, Ohio, almost every day this week, I’ve gotten to know the route pretty well. Once you get past Columbus, the scenery is quite beautiful. It’s flat, and there are a lot of old barns. I’m a sucker for old barns. Everyone I enter, I want to own. “Why can’t I have this barn?!” I half-exclaim and half-whimper. I have a theory that there is something of value in every barn in America. Whether it be windows, stalls, flooring, or the outside aesthetic, add them all together and you would have a mega-barn, the barn to house all animals. (That sounds a little Noah-like, but this isn’t an ark; barns need to avoid the flooding!)

Enough about barns. No matter how much I love them! I write only to acknowledge my absence and let you know I’m back. Back to let you know about all the crazy happenings of the farm. Back to let you know that while this farm experience may have started a little over a year ago (the first llamas arrived in January 2011), every day there is something new to learn. Back to tell you this Monday, the alpaca are going to be sheared. Lord help us all! As a hint, there will be some Special K involved. If that doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat, I don’t know what will!

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