Goodbye Louis.

Today Louis was taken to his new home. I view this as a farmer milestone. Like planting your first crop, or breaking your first tractor. Louis is the first animal ever sold by us. And I felt dirty doing it. I walked into the pasture this afternoon, and Louis was sitting with his mother. I picked him up and carried him away. They were both “bahhhing” – it was kind of gross. But then again, they’re sheep and this is a farm.

If I had a therapist I would discuss today with him (or her). I had to go deliver him to see where he would be living. It was a sense of closure. And his home is amazing. There is tons of pasture, with an actual pond inside. There are goats…a lot of them! And sheep! I even saw his betrothed – a cute little hair sheep, with all the color to make her worthy of little Louis. Oh, and the miniature pot-bellied pigs – they were everywhere. It was like a screenshot from Babe. Louis even has a guard llama to protect him from ne’er doers and to remind him of home.

So we have one ram in need of a new home. If you know anyone….I’ll just need fingerprints and background check.

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  1. Diana Maculan says:

    Sounds like Louis has a great, new home. Good Luck, Louis.

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