Ma Snow has been escaping from our pasture for the past day. I had no clue how. And then, I saw it, with my eyes. Through a gate. How tricky Ma Snow. And now, the gate is closed, with a firm barn door in front of it. Silly goat, you can’t get nothing by me.

Goats are sneaky. The best part though, any time I found her outside, she’d come running to me to be let back into the pasture. Girl, if you hate it so much outside, then don’t leave. After some careful construction tomorrow, hopefully we’ll have no more escapes. Last night, in the dark, I went looking for the goats, who were not in the barn. I heard the “mwahahahahah” goat sounds and all were in the large field. Trouble. And then Ma Snow came running to the fence from outside. Darn her!

Oye, the rain is coming…gotta go feed some animals…

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