Our Ohio Two-Year Anniversary

We’ve been so busy this past week, I completely overlooked our two-year Ohio anniversary. It’s true. We’ve officially been residents of Granville since August 27, 2010. In a way, time has flown by. And in another, it’s chugging along at a snails pace. I was trolling Facebook recently, and was looking at all these friends with toddlers – babies that I knew before we moved. That, me thinks, is the largest indication of time. Our baby llama Rose is now as big her mother. Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Time, for me, seems to be moving very fast these days. Some days I look up at the clock and it’s already into the afternoon. I often don’t think about the date, and then become surprised when a week has flown by…and then a month. At least I’ve stuck my head out of the ground at the right time – it’s fall! My favorite season by far; the cool air, leaf colors, and the pumpkins make me giddy. A last hurrah before the horrors of frozen water troughs, heat lamps, and rabbits inside for the winter.

The close of this year promises to be jam-packed with events, parties, and family gatherings. And next year promises to be even more exciting than 2012. And before you know it, it’ll be our three-year Ohio anniversary. I guess that’s how time moves on. Here at the farm, more than anywhere I think, you learn to think of the year in terms of seasons. Not in Hallmark terms either, but in real environmental changes. For instance, today it’s freezing. That means summer’s coming to a close. Hey, don’t be jealous about my knowledge, I’m a scientist.

I set my year calendar by weird events…the Emmys in September, the Oscars in March – Wimbledon in high summer, the Country Living Fair another harbinger of September. Right now, watching the U.S. Open (tennis, ahem, not golf!), I’m reminded that a seasonal change is upon us. Soon, figure skating will start…a dream come true. And Christmas decorating. Before you know it, we’ll be thinking about Valentine’s Day promotions and wondering when this crazy winter will be over. It’s an ugly cycle, but one I wouldn’t give up for anything!

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