The Orchard House pine chapel gets a visit from a past wedding couple

A little over a week ago we had a wonderful surprise. I got a Facebook message just after lunch from Chad Morrison. He and his wife Ruth were in town from Florida and wanted to stop by. They have the distinction of being the very FIRST couple married here at Orchard House’s pine forest after Jodi and I took ownership. I whole heartedly agreed.


Back in 2015, we had between April and the first week in August to move in, clean up the property, and renovate the Carriage House into our living space and add a guest suite. We finished two days before they arrived. Sight unseen, and with a fresh visa in hand, Ruth brought her family from the UK with her, and they took over the entire place from Wednesday until Sunday. It was a very memorable week of pre-wedding preparations, folk songs sung by Chad by the bonfire, sisters riding lawn tractors, more than a few sudsy brews, and the first big test of my kitchen skills.

This visit was a little calmer but I had a great time showing them improvements we had made, and showing off the brag book of past weddings that I share with prospective couples, of which Chad and Ruth are heavily featured.

Unfortunately, I was under a time-crunch due to a couple coming out for a wedding venue tour, so our visit was way too short. A charming and beautiful couple, Chad and Ruth will always have a special place in our hearts. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. - If the weather stays like it is today, we will be taking you up on that offer to visit you in Florida very soon.