Forty-Six. That's how many weddings to date that we’ve hosted here at Orchard House. Good thing I really enjoy doing them, right? I love being an integral part of a couple's big day. The energy of the couple and the families is infectious. Then there is the gradual build of nerves and the flurry of activity leading up the moment. That moment. The “I do's”. Then, it's over and the clapping and cheering signals the beginning of the rest of their lives. The relief is almost always noticeable as they exit the pine chapel. Then the line forms at the bar, the music starts, and the real fun of the evening begins.


 I usually bounce from caterer to DJ, to bartenders, to family and back around again, making sure everyone has what they need to keep the party flowing. Usually it's a simple thing like a forgotten tip jar at the bar, or a lighter for the chaffing pans.

 The learning curve was pretty steep four years ago when we did the first wedding and the eight the next season, but I've gotten a pretty good handle on it now. Not to say that I still don't learn a thing every now and then, because there's always something that you haven't seen or a situation you hadn't known could arise, simply because it hasn't done so before. This past wedding, for example, I learned that maybe the bride isn't always right, and that sometimes I need to rely on my experience and gut feeling and make a better decision.

No one ever said this was going to be easy. But, you know, I would take this over sitting in my old, grey cubicle any day.


Nine more to go this season. Next year is shaping up nicely too. I'm getting 4 to 5 inquiries for information every day and doing a couple of tours a week. My advice...if you have a date you really want, don't wait. If you do, you might have to settle for something else. All right, enough of my wedding rambling. I've got chairs to fold and tables to stack.  Happy Summer!

Photos by Caleb Timmerman - The Silver Banner and Folk and Wayfarer -