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December 2010

The new chandelier…

We have a new dining room chandelier here at Orchard House.  Much thanks must be given to Jimmy Brennan for his help with installation.  (He touched all the dangerous electrical stuff…and made it out alive!)  And his first foray into electrical installation ever!  As you can see, the old chandelier was “brass” and just fine.  Although, if I’m being honest, as I was taking it down, there was a horrible, sticky film covering most of it.  Like it was hanging over a griddle at Waffle House for thirty years.

If you want this fixture, it’ll be on ebay.  Or we can make a quick deal on-line.  I’m open to any offer.  And, if I’m being honest, it will be sticky when you receive it.  It’s odd that this fixture was in the house, as many have been replaced with acceptable Lowes-esque lights that will remain for the near future.  Lighting is funny, you know what I mean?!  Wrong lighting can ruin a room.  Good lighting, in my mind, often goes unnoticed, because you’re focusing on other aspects of the room.

Now this is a chandelier!  Mind you, it’s not on.  As the photos with it turned on were a bit blurry.  You’ll have to visit Orchard House to see it in all it’s glory!  (P.S. please ignore the mess in the background – we haven’t moved into the carriage house yet and our house is a bit Hoarders at the moment.)

We purchased this light at The Great Indoors.  If you knew us at our Takoma Park location, it’s the same place we bought our dining room fixture.  Both are sexy!  This one is farm chic!

Happy Hannukah to all our friends!  And mozel tov to our new chandelier!

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Batten down le hatches!

Snow is imminent.  Tell Laura and Mary to bring in the horses, Pa will be home soon.  Get Johnboy to check on the neighbors – they need provisions!  Who forgot to put anti-freeze in the tractor?  Ught-oh!

Four out of the next 5 days it is predicted we will see some snow.  How exciting!  Do the chickens have a heat lamp?  Check!  Bunnies safely indoors with a heat lamp of their own?  Yes!  Dogs as annoying as ever?  Of course!

The Christmas lights are up, the pantry is full, the snow shovels are accessible, and the tractor is irresponsibly left open to the elements.  Bring it on Senor Winter!  I fear neither you nor your teeth chattering temperatures.  I have puppies, a new washer/dryer, and four Granny Smith apples.  I’ll be just fine and dandy.   And Lord, let’s pray for a hard candy Christmas!

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