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April 2011

Did you know…

Here’s your fun fact of the day. About me. When I was in the 8th grade, I took an aptitude test meant to determine the occupation I would best excel at as an adult. Some got lawyer. Some got doctor. I got floral designer. Sure I’m pretty fabulous and it is a creative profession. But not the kind of news an 8th grader wants to receive.

Tonight, I fulfilled my destiny. With some iris, hydrangea, and local daffodils, it became so. I made it so. Like Arthur from Camelot, or Johnny Weir and reality television, I have found my home.

So as the newest taste maker of floral designs, I have set my eyes on the newest trend. (Or perhaps, a trend that has been very popular for some time but still looks great.) Forsythia branches. Such a short life. So dramatic. The mayfly of the floral kingdom. Use them now and use them good. I just planted a few bushes. For 2 weeks each year, I’ll have the Manute Bol of floral features in my house.

I hope your April 1st was as productive as ours at Orchard House. Spring, me thinks, has finally arrived. Waterloo is leaping. The ducks continue to grow. And new growth bursts forth begging me to adorn a vase with its beauty. And I shall my sweet, I shall.


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