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August 2011

Orchard House wool…from sheep to bobbin…

I thought some might be interested in seeing our sheep fleeces transformed from protective winter coat to spool-ready yarn for knitting. We send our fleeces – all sheep, llama, and alpaca – to Laura in Washington. Please feel free to visit to see some of her work. While in Granville a few months ago, she took some initial raw fleece with her. Below is the amazing process – and a scarf is soon to follow.

The amazing part is you – yes YOU – will be able to buy these wonderful products at Orchard House! You can go out to the pasture, pet the sheep, llama, or alpaca of your choosing – and then buy a scarf or such made from their fleece! Now, let me be honest, I think that’s freakin’ awesome! Although, I will be keeping all the products from my baby ram lamb Waterloo. (He was my first after all!)

I hope you have the opportunity to come and visit our farm, see all the animals, and appreciate the beautiful products made from their wool. Oh, and you can also buy a jar of our amazing award-winning carrot cake jam! Christmas shopping? We have you covered! And what we don’t have, get over to the Urban Farmhouse and buy beautiful things immediately! After all, as Patsy and Adina say, life is made up of beautiful things, and bubbly, and more beautiful things!

Wool locks that have been washed.







Carding the locks with a drum carder.  This opens the wool, and aligns the fibers in the same direction to make spinning easier.  It also helps remove some of the vegetable matter and debris.








A fiber batt, ready to be spun.







Spinning the wool into a thin single.













The single on the spinning wheel bobbin.

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