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July 2012

The Peacock Coop – 95% fin.

After a trying few weeks, the peacock coop is now inhabited by, yes, peacocks. And some guineas. This was no small undertaking. Started a few weeks ago, it was to be finished quickly. The storm had another idea. Nine days without power doesn’t allow for building. So we waited, the peacocks, guineas, and me.

It’s been a few days of tough work – all by myself mind you. It was definitely a 3-person job. And it’s a total Monet in that way. Don’t look too close, there are some, er, upgrades that need to happen. But the guineas were introduced to their new home this morning with little complaining. Their biggest issue was water, and with 4 waterers around the area, they really are dumb birds, panting until a fifth waterer was placed inside. This evening the peacocks joined them. It’s now one big happy family!

Some of the new chicks moved in with the older ladies tonight as well – in the chicken coop. It’s like one of those episodes where The Golden Girls welcome some kids into their house, with obvious and completely hilarious situations to follow. Right now, the chicks are scrunched up in a corner. The elders haven’t attempted to peck them to death. I consider the introduction a success. Nine chicks still remain isolated. They need to put a little meat on their bones before they get to frolic in the barn yard.

Now, the search begins for a few lady peahens. The two boys, yet to be named because of their similarity (but not for too much longer), need a few ladies to keep them company. Apparently they won’t “settle” until that happens. Peacocks are so heteronormative! Thank goodness my stance in the photo is far from it!



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No Power – Day 8.

Today marks our eighth day without power. Granted, our bed and breakfast is running on a generator that is, at least, keeping both the downstairs air conditioner running as well as the pump for the well. But in the carriage house, where we live, there is no air conditioning. There is no light. There is no comfort. Right now, it’s only used for sleeping. Uncomfortable sleeping.

All expectations are that electricity should be restored by Sunday, July 8th. That will be 10 days without power. There’s something unacceptable about that number. And yes, I’ve already heard from everyone who says there are millions of people who live every day without power. I get it (so give it a rest). But I don’t live with them. My life revolves around activities that require power. I don’t go to sleep when the sun sets; I try and avoid waking up when it rises. I can live without TV, although I really want to know what’s going on with my So You Think You Dance friends.

For a few days, our generator wasn’t even working effectively. Those were desperate days because, with 60+ animals, in 100 degree heat, water is a valuable commodity. And yes, I’ve already heard from everyone who says there are millions of people who live every day without water. I get it (so give it a rest). With no pump working, the water stopped flowing. Luckily, we were never in a dire situation, but the llamas sure would like their fans to start working again. I grew up without air conditioning, but we did have fans.We also had a refrigerator with lots of cold delicious things inside it. There is a silver-lining to an empty fridge though – think of all the new condiments that can be purchased, used once, and then take up valuable space well into the future!

The next fews day should be interesting. Should power come on by Sunday, all will be forgiven – both to Mother Nature and AEP. If not, with nerves already in a frayed pattern, I may quickly turn bucking bronco. And this ain’t my first time at the rodeo!


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