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June 2013

You know you’ve been in the country too long…

When today I drove past a flock of chickens too close to the road and I thought to myself, “Get away from the road Copper Marans!”

black copper roo in grass edit

Here’s what’s wrong with that thought – that’s a rare breed of chicken. It’s not a Silkie or  a Rhode Island Red. And truth be told, I was too far away to verify if they were really Copper Marans – but for even that thought to come to my mind suggests I may 1) have spent too much time on chicken websites and 2) have officially earned my farmer badge.

It’s a new day when one acknowledges their truth. I’m coming to terms with mine. While my skills in detecting the latest Burberry pattern may have waned, I can point out a hair sheep with a 3 second stare and can maneuver a flock of ducks to go where I want them. These talents don’t come from a website, but take real world experience. And I guess, if I need to to know the S/S 2013 patterns, I can just Google it.


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No more bottle baby.

The season of the bottle baby has ended. Today, Prince received his last bottle. At 67 days old, he has become a man, errrr, ram. In April, we knew nothing about raising a lamb. And now, just look at us. We have a little, very needy, horribly socialized little sheep that runs around the field with alpacas while shunning the other lambs. But he’s our little crazy baby.


Luck for us all, he has a little friend. Our surprise lamb, Gaston, has taken a liking to Prince. Mind you, Prince could care less. Sure he’s happy to run around the field with lil’ Gaston, but never does he search him out. He’d much rather chew on the grabs at the fence line, contemplating life or, rather, why grass is green. He’s very philosophical. For a sheep.


We wish you luck in the barnyard baby Prince. No matter how crazy you get, you’ll always have a home at Orchard House. Just don’t start head-butting people. I really hate it when rams do that.


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