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July 2013

Baking. It can get ugly.

Sometimes things never go right in the kitchen, no matter how hard you try. Off days happen. For instance, I mistakingly bought block butter the other day. I know you can measure amounts on scales and be precise. That’s a lot of work. Instead, I love the age old guess-timate. It worked for the pioneers, so why not me?!


Well, it didn’t work. They make recipes for a reason. And it’s because measurements and proportions are important. If you could just throw a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, stir it all up, and have delicious cookies, you’d be genius. But I don’t think it’s possible. So, I had a bad day. But we pull our selves up by the boot straps, throw out our wretched creations and take another sip of Pinot Grigio. We won’t be deterred.

Cookies can always be purchased.


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The Power Outage of 2013.

Power is a valuable thing. A loaded statement, I know. I’m referring specifically to electric. Without it, we live like our ancestors. And while that’s not a bad thing, it can inconvenience the hell out of you.

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We lost power this past week for about 36 hours. It wasn’t horrible, truth be told. The temperature was so low at night we’d probably have the windows open anyway. The spoiled food gave us a chance to cleanse our refrigerators, and hence our diets, for a new era of healthy living. And because we had so much rain the weeks previous, plants and animals didn’t require any watering – good as the water pump requires electricity. And the generator was broken.

The generator is always broken. It happened during The GREAT Power Outage of 2012. I was alone for a few days. And was pouring oil in the anti-freeze. Whoops. But we finally have someone who seems able to fix all our generators problems. Once the parts have been ordered and installed.

Over this whole experience I noticed one thing – at night, nature can be loud! When temporary pools pop up, it seems frogs don’t hesitate to seize the water. And they cheer for hours (and hours) to show their appreciation to Mother Nature. And then the next night, it’s all over. The noises aren’t bad, they’re just loud. And now, with the electricity back on, I’m hearing the Golden Girls and the frogs are distant memory. And I’m not so sure I’m the better for it.

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