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December 2013

Orchard House Antiques

We’re thrilled to announce we’re bringing antiques back to Broadway. This January, we’ll be opening Orchard House Antiques at 230 E. Broadway in Granville. Our pop-up shop, this past Tuesday, was a great success and we were happy to meet everyone who stoppedĀ in for a sneak peek.


Along with fine art and antiques, we’re specializing in barware – both new, vintage, and antique. If you’re looking for a quick hostess gift or birthday present, stop by. We’ll have everything from vintage seltzer bottles to small batch tonic water. If you’re looking for something special, let us know and we’ll be happy to source it for you.

Starting in the new year, we’ll also be hosting an exciting lecture series, feature local collectors and experts. Look early next year for our first event.

If you’d like to get a preview of the space, please email us at and we can set up a time. Also, be sure to check our over the next month as we’ll be adding products online for you to purchase.

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