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Our Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, Don and I were privileged enough to be the subjects of a photo shoot by Amy Parrish of the Atelier of Granville. Photo shoots are weird – we live our lives in a nature state, and suddenly, when someone puts a camera in front of you, we become unnatural. Wrinkled foreheads, scrunched shoulders and squinted eyes seem to become the normal.

It’s fortunate the trained photographers, 1) take lots of pictures, 2) know how to use light and 3) have incredible editing skills. Amy was a joy to work with and, if you’re in the area looking for a photographer, we would suggest you give her a call ( Her studio is a wonderful old barn, no longer home to horses and cattle, but instead props and weird lighting tents. Sunlight seeps in through various holes in the old wooden walls. It’s an other-worldly location – a wonderful place for the normal to change shape.


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