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These kittens are driving me crazy. They keep hours like they work the third shift. They climb on places the other cats never did. They break things. They leap from piece of furniture to piece of furniture, sometimes using us as a trampoline in the middle. They have sharp little nails. And they eat anything they can get their grubby little paws on.

Two brothers and a sister, they move together in a pack. Looking for trouble. At ¬†four months old, they’ve become comfortable. They know how to successfully interact with the other animals in the house and grow braver everyday. They know if they push all the papers off the desk in the morning, the papers will be piled up again by the afternoon. So, after their siesta, they can hit the papers over again. Wait, have they trained me?

In the end, however, they’re super cute. And use those powers to their advantage. They all make little trilling noises when they run around, announcing their presence like little robots. And they love to cuddle in your lap. They playfully bite your finger and then lick it with their sandpapered tongue. They’re toddlers. They can get into crazy amounts of trouble, but they don’t know any better, and they’re cute little eyes help them get away with almost anything. In a few more months, they’ll completely own this household and, because we’re so well trained, we’ll be oblivious to it all.

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