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Bye Bye Baby (ram).

Today we said goodbye to our “Baby” ram. The first born on our farm, he held a special place in my heart. Born 2 years ago, he has since grown aggressive. Maybe I didn’t buy him enough Power Ranger action figures or send him to the right pre-school when he was younger, but he became hateful. Feeding and loving your other animals can become difficult when one continuously tries to head-butt you and kill you at every chance. And so, today, Baby left the farm.

Photo1He’s headed to a farm where he will protect a barn from marauding Amish teenagers. I didn’t know the Amish could be so meddlesome, but I have learned otherwise. So perhaps ┬áBaby had found his perfect life – attacking 16-year-olds who have never watched an episode of Arrested Development. But, nonetheless, he is gone. This is his last picture, and I would be lying if I didn’t say a tear or two was shed as he left.

With 9 rams on the farm, we are down to 8. More teary moments lie ahead. All we can do is try to find them the best homes possible and wish them luck on their journey. We live on a farm, and as such, we’ve must accept the reality of our life. No matter how difficult it can be.

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  1. Julie says:

    Did you put Baby in a corner? Maybe he wanted to run away and dance with Patrick Swayze and you crushed his dreams. ;-)

    It sounds like he is better suited to his new environment. And now your stress level should go down some. But it’s hard to lose something you cared for and about. I hope you find some peace in the coming days.

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