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You know you’ve been in the country too long…

When today I drove past a flock of chickens too close to the road and I thought to myself, “Get away from the road Copper Marans!”

black copper roo in grass edit

Here’s what’s wrong with that thought – that’s a rare breed of chicken. It’s not a Silkie or  a Rhode Island Red. And truth be told, I was too far away to verify if they were really Copper Marans – but for even that thought to come to my mind suggests I may 1) have spent too much time on chicken websites and 2) have officially earned my farmer badge.

It’s a new day when one acknowledges their truth. I’m coming to terms with mine. While my skills in detecting the latest Burberry pattern may have waned, I can point out a hair sheep with a 3 second stare and can maneuver a flock of ducks to go where I want them. These talents don’t come from a website, but take real world experience. And I guess, if I need to to know the S/S 2013 patterns, I can just Google it.


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