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Expect the Unexpected.

Farm life is full of the unexpected. You need a farrier? (The poor donkey’s and their hooves were over-grown.) Give him a call at 10 a.m. and he can be there at 3. The same day. It’s not like the city, where when you call someone, they could maybe make it in 2 weeks. It’s fast action out here. Like they’re sitting and waiting for your call. ¬†After almost 3 years in the country, it’s still unexpected.


The other day, after returning from vacation, I discovered a lamb had scour – it’s a pretty word for massive diarrhea. Treatment begins with clipping away the collection of semi-solid poo that has collected in his fleece. A wiggly one, he moved, I grabbed some fleece to clip, and whoops, cut some of his skin off. To be graphic – right below his anus. It could have been horribly worse. But the day suddenly changed. A call to the vet. A stop to buy some medication. Some application time, and voila, a planned day is spent with the unexpected.

Another time, an event. The need for China and flatware. An unexpected need. So it’s gathered. And placed. Mind you, not an inconvenience, just unexpected. The next planned hour? Postponed.

While life is unexpected, it can be exciting. And troubling. And invigorating. A learning experience. A puzzle. But with 70+ animals, and minimal experience caring for them, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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