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A Bittersweet Transition

IMG_2355It’s with mixed emotions that we tell you Orchard House B&B is for sale. If you have upcoming reservations, or were thinking of booking a room, fear not as Orchard House will continue whether Donald and I are on the premises or not. And while we’ll be moving with most of the animals, some will remain, to continue our legacy on the farm. This all being said, if you’re interested in owning Orchard House, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be moving 10 minutes away and are happy to help as much as needed with the transition.

We’re moving because it’s all become just a little too much. Many of you who’ve stayed with us comment enthusiastically about how you don’t know how we do it all. And well, with baby Harper, we’ll admit, it’s become a little taxing. So we’re moving to a private home that will offer Don a secure office as he continues to work for his company, give Andrew the space to garden, bake, and rediscover his much loved passions that have been pushed to the back-burner, give Harper the land every wanna-be Huck Finn deserves, and offer the llamas an amazing outdoor space with mature trees and a stream within their pasture.

Let us reiterate, if you have an upcoming reservation, or were thinking of booking in the near future, fear not. Your reservation is secure. We have a wonderful house, built in 1850, and it offers charm unparalleled in Granville. And it will continue to welcome travelers on their journey. And if you need a llama fix, don’t hesitate to contact Don or I – or come by Orchard House and see baby Confetti Chorizo.

We felt an obligation to let you know what’s going on. Because you’re part of the history, and future, of our home. And again, if you’ve always dreamed of owning a B&B, please email us. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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  1. Muriel Dunigan says:

    I was so disappointed to see that you are giving up the B&B and moving most of the animals with you. Was hiring farm hands or innkeepers to help with the load not a viable option so that your B&B could continue as advertised? I purchased two living social vouchers for an early spring getaway specifically for the location and the animals, I am an animal lover also. I am now uncertain that it will be the same experience and may ask for a refund. I hope you all get things figured out. Muriel

    • Don says:

      Hi Muriel, if we are able to sell, we will work with the new owners to maintain the Orchard House experience. We are also planning to convey many of the animals. I think even if we are able to sell your stay will be a good one, and maybe even better!

  2. Jenny Saboley says:

    My daughter and I will be staying at orchard house on Saturday September 13. Will the alpacas still be there? My daughter is fascinated with alpacas. Their presence is one reason we chose your B&B. Will any of the other animals still be around?

    Please let me know – thanks very much!

    • akohn says:

      Hi Jenny,

      No worries, everyone will still be on the farm, including the llamas, alpaca, sheep, goats, and pigs!

      We look forward to meeting you.


  3. Toria says:

    Don and Andrew, your moving is bittersweet. My daughters and I stayed with you for a few days and had a grand time! Baby Harper was simply the best icing on an already beautiful cake. It was a surprise treat for my two girls and you three made it a very memorable weekend. I’m happy for you all, and especially happy for Harper. She’s one very lucky little girl.

    Best wishes, Toria Shannon and Sydney

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