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A City Boy Making His Way in the Country

An excerpt.

The Farmer’s Wife Cookbook, Martha Engstrom, Editor.  A collection of recipes originally published by the Farmer’s Wife Magazine from 1893 to 1939.

On Adding Glamour to Your Meal:

“If a party of women orders a plate luncheon of creamed chicken, mashed potatoes, and baking powder biscuits, with the usual salad and dessert, a sprig of green parsley will add color to the plate.  But this is not enough – we want a gay touch – so our biscuits are cut with a doughnut cutter and served on the creamed chicken, and the hole in the center is filled with bright red jelly.  Presto – we have our touch.”

From Use Butter Generously:

“Let yourself go when it comes to seasoning with butter.  Folks always sit up with relish to the family table where there are melting butter squares on hot porterhouse or round steak and a golden yellow heart in the bowl of fluffy mashed potatoes.  And who can resist vegetables cooked just to tenderness, their own liquid cooked down, and seasoned with sweet flavored butter?  Rich velvety cakes made with butter command a premium at the market or church bazaar.”

And finally, Hot Soups for Cold Days:

“When days are cold, steaming hot soup seems to “strike the spot” just a little better than anything else.  Whether it is the clear soup that whets the appetite and is used as a starter for the meal to follow, or the more substantial soup that makes a whole meal in itself, there is a time and a place for every soup.  Besides, soups are economical and easy to do, offer perfect use for odds and ends of leftovers, and make the family – like Oliver Twist – come back asking for “more.”

Soups, like dresses, are made more attractive by a bit of trimming.  Some cream soups are as colorless and uninteresting as a dull-colored dress.  A bit of paprika sprinkled over the top of each dish gives just that bit of dash that a red buckle can give a colorless dress.”


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