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Jumping fences.

This is Bob Evans.  He’s darn cute!  And now in his “terrible 2’s,” he grows every day, gets into everything, and chews on anything that will let him. And guess what, he can jump.  And jump high.  There was a time when he was smaller than Auggie and Wally (our two terriers), but now, he can actually stand over them.   Literally, stand with another dog under him – like a double-decker pup.

We’re getting some fences installed.  High fences.  Four feet high.  And we wonder daily, can they contain all that is Bob Evans?  Sure, they’re built to contain horses and llamas and other such wild beasties, but can they contain a 4 month old puppy?  Questionable.  But he is no horse.  And he does not spit.

Inside, ‘Evans (as he is called – or worse on occasion), can now jump over the baby gates set up to contain him.  Yes, my house is like a zoo.  We have containment areas and channels to move the dogs from room to room like a herd of zebra or surly polar bear.  But now, he just leaps over them like Jackie Joyner Kearsee.  The cat food should be afraid…very afraid.  The higher the gate, however, the greater the momentum he needs.  Cut his momentum and cut his power.  WWPXD?  What Would Professor X Do?

The reality is he will only continue to grow.  And jump.  And loom over innocent terriers.  But his biting will stop…eventually…and he is slowly learning the art of potty training.  He is…and always will be…my baby.  That is, ahem, until I get a human one.  Little Huxley Cornelius Jones-Kohn.  Baby gates won’t be able to contain him either.  But, at least, he will wear a diaper!

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