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Batten down le hatches!

Snow is imminent.  Tell Laura and Mary to bring in the horses, Pa will be home soon.  Get Johnboy to check on the neighbors – they need provisions!  Who forgot to put anti-freeze in the tractor?  Ught-oh!

Four out of the next 5 days it is predicted we will see some snow.  How exciting!  Do the chickens have a heat lamp?  Check!  Bunnies safely indoors with a heat lamp of their own?  Yes!  Dogs as annoying as ever?  Of course!

The Christmas lights are up, the pantry is full, the snow shovels are accessible, and the tractor is irresponsibly left open to the elements.  Bring it on Senor Winter!  I fear neither you nor your teeth chattering temperatures.  I have puppies, a new washer/dryer, and four Granny Smith apples.  I’ll be just fine and dandy.   And Lord, let’s pray for a hard candy Christmas!

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