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Build it and they will come.

The “starter” barn is complete.  And here are few immediate observations.

1) It’s quite tall.  There’s room for giraffe!  And I’ve always wanted to ride one!

2) It’s open at the top through the overhang.  Great for the summer as the heat will escape.  Questionable for the winter.

3) There was a large pile of debris left over from it’s creation.  The Amish, apparently, like to build, but not clean up.

This building has been a long time coming.  Sometimes it was too cold to work, and sometimes I was told it was “too mushy” outside to build.  Wasn’t Washington, D.C. built on a marsh?  I thought we conquered the “mushy” problems of construction when we settled Florida.  But, for all my complaining, it has been finished.  The fence goes up on Friday and the llamas arrive Saturday.  Soon bison will be roaming in the hills.  I wonder if Ted Turner will sell me some of his stock?

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