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Bob Evans by the Fire.

It’s been quite cold, not only in Ohio, but around the country.  It’s only natural that Bob Evans would search out a fire to warm his massive paws.  Paws that have been clomping around in the snow, collecting tiny snowballs between his Edward Scissorhand-like talons.

That’s not a real fireplace though.  But Bob Evans doesn’t know.  It’s electric.  While Orchard House doesn’t need any external sources of heat (the fireplaces are built right in), my house would love to puff out delicious smelling smoke from the hearty limbs of the Tree of Souls.  But they are expensive.  And I need new bathrooms more that wood stoves right now.  And furniture.  And box wine.

Priorities are a difficult thing to, well, prioritize.  Today, I walked around an antique store and saw things I wanted to buy.  The previous me would have bought them.  I love beautiful things.  I love being surrounded by them.  (Hence the cute red puppy in front of a cute fake fireplace!)  In the end, I bought nothing.  Because I need to spend that money elsewhere.  How adult.  How grown-up.  How boring.

But don’t worry.  I’ve still got my flare.  The puppy for instance.  (When you come stay, ask Don about the arrival of Bob Evans – he will gladly tell you while he slowly stirs his gin and tonic.)  And I bought a picture the other day Don doesn’t know about.  Secrets can be fun.  And they will all be revealed in the end.  So sleep Bob Evans, and enjoy your dreams.  I’ve got some yummy treats in the cabinet that you don’t know about yet.  Secrets, secrets, can be fun, and, no, not all secrets hurt someone!

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