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This used to be our garage.  A three-car garage.  With plenty of boxes, tools, and miscellaneous junk, that like poor Oliver, had been turned out into the cold.  It had a concrete floor, and no insulation.  There was spilled oil on the floor.  In short, it was a mess.

But times have changed!  As my new favorite drag queen Shangela Laquifa Wadley would say, “Hallelu!”  Six months after moving to Ohio, the boxes are being unpacked, the furniture is finding permanent homes, and the Bed and Breakfast has kicked into high gear.  No more watching Animal Hoaders and waiting for construction to end.  The day has arrived.

This is what we moved into this weekend. Granted, it’s not all in place, and there are things still to be done, but it still ain’t no garage!  My patience, our patience, was at a breaking point.  Living in two rooms for six months with three dogs can be quite daunting.  But what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.  And today we are supermen!

All that is left to do is teach Wally how to climb up and down the spiral staircase.  The other two have learned, he has not.  He is “special.”

The biggest winners in this move are the cats.  No longer confined to the laundry room for most of their day, Ms. Kitty has taken to reclining on the bed and Jack has started chasing the dogs around.  All is as it should be here at Orchard House.  The Bed and Breakfast can finally take precedence!  (Until the sheep arrive in a few weeks that is!)

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  1. We went through a similar journey in 2004-2005 in Victorian Village (near downtown Columbus). We purchased at 1895 Queen Ann in need of many upsdates. It had no garage, so we set about building a 2000 sq ft structure with 3 car gagage below and 1000 sq ft apartment above, all while living in the dilapidated “main house”. After 10 months, we moved into the newly built carriage house and the real work began restoring the main house. Seven months later, we moved back into the main house. In 2008, the apartment above the carriage house became Victorian Village Guest House – a luxury guest suite, similar to a B & B. Old houses are always full of fun stories and many lives! Can’t wait to see Orchard House B & B come to life.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh bless little Wally! Spiral staircases are terrifying!

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