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Opening day’s a comin’, and it’s a comin’ soon!

Like a mouth at the dentist office, we’re opening wide up!  Ready to have people scrutinize, dissect, and fall in love with Orchard House.  Opening day?  March 1.  March 1st.  March first.  Mars be damned, this day will be filled with peace and love.

It would be great if we had a guest for the opening.  But if not, I will rest in the satisfaction that the rooms are complete, the furniture is purchased, and the breakfasts are planned.  I’m tired already.  My back aches, my bank account aches, and my kittens are happy.  Supremely so.

As I empty the remaining boxes in the house, I have discovered, perhaps, possibly, I may be an addict.  There are currently about 80 random pieces of glassware sitting on the counter waiting for their Ellis Island moment.  Yes, you can stay.  Is that a cough?  Sorry, nope, back to the ship with you!  But like any good GA (Glassware Anonymous) member, I have apologized to the cabinets for stuffing them, and have made a decision to cull my collection.  Tomorrow is the day.  And Goodwill will be the recipient.

Our Walden Room is finished.  95 percent so.  The Barbizon Room?  Not ready yet.  Waiting, waiting, the waiting for our bathrooms to be finished.  We’re close.  The sinks are in.  A toilet flushes.  This darn ice/snow storm has stopped work for two days.  It also has flooded my barn.  Poor llamas with hooves in muddy coldness.  But we will all preserver.  Llamas and toilets alike.

March 1.  A day that will live in infamy.  Can you make it to Granville for our opening day?  I’ll have the wine on standby.  And the breakfast will be divine.

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