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The new website. Go to it now!

The day has arrived.  Call the children in from the playground.  Cosette, the light is fading.  Clean up the dirty dinner dishes.  Gather ye ’round the family computer and get your fingers-a-typing!  Visit: – it’s new.  It’s fresh.  It’s ahmazing!

You can reserve rooms.  Read about the Donald and Andrew.  And you can be wowed by my web-creation skills.  j/k.  lmao.  I am Internet clueless.  But Donnie, now, that’s another story!  He’s a master.  Like if Steve Wozniak and Redd Foxx had a love child.  And the site is pure Farm Style – Modern Comfort!

Let us know what you think.  Leave a comment or two.  Or, better yet, reserve a room.  P.S. I know we’re a little picture-lite at the moment.  Give us a week…and you’ll be drowning in gorgeous images involving both recharging and relaxing.  In the meantime, close your eyes, and picture perfection.  You’ll be half way here already.

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