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Color out of control.

I am a color god.  It’s true.  Just ask my closet. I’m like Isaac Mizrahi without the disappointing, and perhaps devastating, fall from fashion favor in the past century.  But this week, I went overboard.  I went from taste maker to Goldie Hawn caring for three trashy children in the blink of an eye.  But, fear not, I’ve recovered.  And I have come from the brink both humbled and with more confidence.

I crossed my color palette.  I went yellow and blue.  A meek yellow and a strong blue.  It was chaos.  Dogs started barking.  Children began to cry.  And I peed my pants.  But with some quick thinking, and a trusty can of “swan” white, I have remedied all wrongs.

Today, the blue and the yellow have found harmony.  They are co-habiting on an accent wall in the spirit of the Palestinian peace process.  And I’m back, baby!  Now, I’m on to the floors.  I’m not having incredible success sanding at the moment…and the sander needs to be returned tomorrow…but I believe in miracles.  Or a chic, spotty floor.  It’s the new trend.  At least, it will be.

And so, Ohio’s Martha Stewart (P.S. that’s me), enters the final phase of Orchard House decorating with a head the size of Russia.  Beauty and sophistication abound.  Next week, we move on to breakfast testing.  Get a-ready my dear Donnie, we’z about to get our waffle on!

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