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What I did today.

I’ve had a crazy day.  Not in a horrible way, mind you, but in an odd way.  And in lieu of any “special” topic of the day, below is my itinerary for February 15, 2011…

- Wake up.  This has happened every day for 31 years and looking to continue.  God willing!

- Take the dogs out for their morning bathroom break, feed the llamas and chickens, and make sure all is well in the pasture.

- Feed the dogs and the cats.  Oh, and take my vitamins.  I love those chewable vitamin C orange slices!

- Work on the Barbizon Room after responding to e-mails.

- Head out to the barn to unload twenty 40-lb bags of soil to mitigate the flood occurring under the llamas unclipped toes.  Rake some manure, and ensure the llamas aren’t eating the chicken food.  Also, unload bags of llama food and re-locate all chicken food to the barn.

- At noon, drive to Home Depot (a daily trip) to match some khaki paint on a bookshelf, and to grab some other much needed items.  Also stop at Walmart (don’t hate me), Meijers, and Tractor Supply Company.

- Whoops, forgot to feed the rabbits this morning!  That’s a first.  And hopefully not a new daily occurrence!  Feed the rabbits.

- Back to painting the Barbizon Room.

- Back to the llamas, emptying the remaining soil bags and unloading some lime to help stop the leaks.

- Back to the Barbizon Room – bed making, beautification, and all-around room making.  UGH.  Still not done.

- Dinner for the dogs and cats.  And the chickens.  The llamas kicked over, and then ate, the food given to the chickens earlier.

- Breakfast testing for dinner.  Tonight, eh.  Cook and clean up the dishes.

- Polyurethane the living room and dining room floors.  Second, and last, coat.  Drinking straight from the champagne bottle at this point.  Finish a row of floor, have a few sippies, burp into my air mask.  Sexy.

-  Show the boss my work.  Seek his approval.  Receive some favorable reviews.

- And now, sitting on the couch, watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, blogging.  Drinking red wine.  Hooked on the Franzia challenge.

- What’s next?  Gotta send out some work e-mails…after deciding on an e-mail format.

I know this all sounds so incredible.  Oh, and also mixed throughout the day, calling to get my hot water heater working…finally hot water after 10 days!  Getting a vet to come out on Monday – time for the llama de-worming AND the new sheep will be here.  It’s an odd life.  From decorating a room, hanging expensive artwork, to cleaning up llama droppings.  It’s crazy but I love it.  And get your fanny over to Orchard House and I’ll throw some delicious, yet unique, multi-tasking your way.  If you want.  But you know you want it!

P.S.  We’re filled for President’s Day weekend.  Glorious friends coming to visit.  And our opening weekend?  We’re full!!!!  And with people we don’t know!  Call the glam squad, we need some fabulousness ASAP.  (And don’t worry, I’m already here!)

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