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I’m sleepy.  As tired as Whitney Houston’s nose after 11 p.m. on a Friday night.  As sleepy as a dwarf living with six other ornery homosexuals.  And as wiped out as Lindsey Lohan’s credit rating.  With guests coming this weekend and our opening fast approaching – with a full house for the weekend – the Farm Style-Modern Comfort is taking its toll.

Animals take time.  I’ve cleaned up a lot of poop today.  Snow melts.  It reveals things.  Things aren’t frozen any more.  It’s warm out.  WARM!  T-shirt weather.  The warmth is nice.  I also went to the DMV today.  I waited 5 minutes.  I love small town Ohio.  I also cleaned.  And cleaned some more.  This house is looking great!  My mantels are a little tacky at the moment – remember: fussy, finished!

And so it’s a short night.  Bob Evans went to training.  Cooked, and ate, a WONDERFUL breakfast prospect, and am currently watching my TiVo’ed American Idol.  By the by, I like the chubby kid, the red-headed 15 year-old fro, and the new guy who scatted better than Ms. Kitty.  Oh, and the kid with the bass.  Although I love me some crazy too!  And with that, adieu.  I’ve got bathrooms to finish, furniture to buy, and countless items to be dusted tomorrow.  But never fear, I’m a housekeeping/farming/decorating monster and will devour it all in time.  With some cheerios and chocolate Silk.

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